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AUD $64.00
Launched in 2014, the .viajes domain isn’t actually a new top-level domain (TLD) like the others we’ve discussed. It’s a sponsored gTLD, which means it’s sponsored by a specific entity (in this case, Identity Digital) and has specific eligibility requirements. The key point here is that .viajes is specifically targeted towards the Spanish-speaking market.
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Who can benefit from a .viajes domain?

  • Travel and tourism businesses: Attract Spanish-speaking audiences worldwide with a domain name instantly identifying your services.
  • Travel bloggers and journalists: Share travel stories and experiences with a clear audience focus.
  • Travel agencies and tour operators: Showcase your offerings and attract Spanish-speaking potential clients.
  • Local businesses serving tourists: Hotels, restaurants, and activity providers can reach Spanish-speaking travelers searching for vacation experiences.
  • Spanish-language websites and organizations: Establish a domain name aligned with the language and cultural context.

Benefits of using a .viajes domain:

  • Targeted audience reach: Clearly indicates your content or services are in Spanish, attracting relevant visitors.
  • Improved search engine ranking: Potential SEO benefits for relevant travel keywords in Spanish searches.
  • Memorable and relevant: Stands out compared to generic domains, making your website easier to remember.
  • Cultural connection: Builds trust and familiarity with a Spanish-speaking audience.
  • Niche market focus: Positions you within the thriving Spanish-speaking travel and tourism market.

Things to consider before registering:

  • Spanish language focus: Ensure your content and services are genuinely targeted towards Spanish speakers.
  • Eligibility: The .viajes domain has specific eligibility requirements, so check if you qualify before registering.
  • Limited reach: Might not be as widely recognized as other domain extensions outside Spanish-speaking regions.
  • Cost: Pricing may vary depending on the registrar and desired name, but can be more expensive than generic options.

Overall, the .viajes domain offers a valuable and targeted option for individuals and businesses focused on the Spanish-speaking travel and tourism market. If your audience primarily speaks Spanish and you want to establish a strong online presence within that community, a .viajes domain could be a strategic choice.

Remember, even though it’s not as common as other extensions, it can be a powerful tool for reaching the right audience.