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AUD $34.00
It’s a relatively new top-level domain (TLD) specifically designed for websites that offer advice, guidance, tips, or recommendations.
It’s open to anyone, with no specific restrictions on who can register a .tips domain name.
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  • Description

Key characteristics:

  • Instantly recognizable: The .tips extension clearly indicates that the website provides helpful tips or advice, making it instantly recognizable to users.
  • Stands out from the crowd: It’s a unique alternative to more common TLDs like .com or .net, which can help your website stand out in search results and make a stronger impression.
  • Relevant for a wide range of topics: It can be used for websites covering diverse interests, including:
    • Travel tips
    • Cooking tips
    • Home improvement tips
    • Fitness tips
    • Career advice
    • Financial tips
    • And many more!

Benefits of using a .tips domain:

  • Branding: It can help you create a strong brand identity as a source of valuable information and expertise.
  • SEO: While the exact impact on search engine rankings is debated, a relevant TLD like .tips might be considered a positive signal by search engines, potentially boosting your visibility in relevant searches.
  • Memorability: It’s often easier to remember a catchy .tips domain name than a longer or more generic one.
  • Availability: It’s a relatively new TLD, so there’s a good chance your desired domain name is still available for registration.

How to register a .tips domain:

  • You can register a .tips domain through most major domain registrars, such as GoDaddy, Namecheap, Google Domains, and others.
  • Prices typically range from around $8 to $15 per year, depending on the registrar and any promotions they may offer.

Overall, a .tips domain can be a great choice for websites that focus on providing helpful tips and advice. It’s a clear, memorable, and potentially advantageous way to brand your website and connect with users seeking guidance.