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The “.schule” domain is the German counterpart to the English “.school” domain extension. Launched in 2015, it specifically caters to educational institutions and organizations within German-speaking regions.
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  • Description


  • Branding and Credibility: Similar to “.school”, “.schule” instantly identifies the website as belonging to an educational entity, conveying legitimacy and professionalism to potential users. It stands out from generic “.com” domains and clearly communicates the website’s purpose.
  • Targeted Audience: Using “.schule” helps attract visitors specifically interested in German-language educational content and resources. This is beneficial for German schools, universities, educational organizations, and anyone targeting a German-speaking audience within the education sector.
  • SEO Advantages: Just like “.school”, “.schule” can potentially improve search engine optimization (SEO) for education-related keywords in German searches. This makes the website more easily discoverable by users searching for educational resources in German.
  • Community Building: The “.schule” domain creates a dedicated online space for educational institutions and organizations within the German-speaking world. This fosters a sense of community and support, promoting collaboration and resource sharing within the education sector.

Who Can Register?

Similar to “.school”, the “.schule” domain is generally open for registration by any individual or organization involved in education within German-speaking regions. This includes:

  • Schulen (Primary and Secondary Schools)
  • Hochschulen (Universities and Colleges)
  • Bildungsorganisationen und gemeinnützige Einrichtungen (Educational Organizations and Non-profits)
  • Online-Lernplattformen und Bildungsressourcen (Online Learning Platforms and Educational Resources)
  • Lehrer und Pädagogen (Teachers and Educators)

Things to Consider:

  • Availability: As with “.school”, some desirable “.schule” domain names might already be registered. However, the wider range of potential users due to the German language might offer more options compared to “.school”.
  • Cost: Registration fees for “.schule” domains can vary depending on the registrar, but they are generally comparable to other popular domain extensions.
  • Marketing and Awareness: While “.schule” is well-established in German-speaking regions, it might not be as familiar to audiences outside these areas. This might require additional effort in marketing and promoting the website to a broader audience.


The “.schule” domain extension is a valuable option for educational institutions and organizations within German-speaking regions. It offers clear branding, potential SEO advantages, and a dedicated online space for connecting with your target audience. If your educational focus is in German or you cater to a German-speaking audience, “.schule” could be a fantastic choice for your website.