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The .parts domain extension is another versatile gTLD, launched in 2015, that focuses on the concept of, well, “parts!”
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  • Description

Focus: As you might guess, .parts shines a spotlight on anything related to components, pieces, or segments. This encompasses a wide range of fields, including:

  • Automotive parts: From manufacturers and distributors to online stores and repair shops, anyone dealing with car parts can benefit from this extension.
  • Electronics and appliances: Businesses selling or servicing computers, phones, gadgets, or any other equipment with replaceable parts can find .parts relevant.
  • Manufacturing and engineering: Companies dealing with industrial parts, machinery components, or even construction materials can leverage this domain extension.
  • Arts and crafts: Shops selling supplies for various creative pursuits, or artists showcasing their work based on parts and assemblages, can utilize .parts effectively.
  • Figuratively: Even beyond physical objects, websites exploring concepts like “parts of speech” in language or individual contributions to a whole can use this extension metaphorically.


  • Instantly relatable: The .parts extension immediately tells visitors what your website revolves around, making it clear and relevant to your target audience.
  • Broad applicability: Unlike some niche TLDs, .parts caters to a vast array of industries and sectors, offering flexibility for diverse businesses and individuals.
  • Branding potential: By emphasizing the “parts” aspect, you can build a unique brand identity based on modularity, customization, or the interconnectedness of elements.
  • Availability: Compared to older TLDs, you’re more likely to find catchy and memorable domain names with .parts, boosting your online presence.


  • ApexAutoParts.parts: For an online auto parts store.
  • PCFixIt.parts: For a computer repair service.
  • RobotBuildingBlocks.parts: For a company selling modular robotic components.
  • TheYarnStash.parts: For a shop selling knitting and crocheting supplies.
  • WordsAndGrammar.parts: For a website offering English language learning resources.

Overall, the .parts domain extension is a powerful tool for anyone whose website revolves around, you guessed it, parts! Whether it’s literal components of physical objects, figurative elements of a concept, or even individual contributions to a bigger whole, .parts can effectively communicate your purpose and attract relevant visitors.