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The .partners domain extension is another relatively new (launched in 2014) option for websites, also categorized as a gTLD.
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  • Description

Focus: As the name implies, .partners is specifically designed for websites about, well, partnerships! This covers a wide range of scenarios, including:

  • Business partnerships: Consulting firms, law firms, or any collaborative business ventures can use it to showcase their joint initiatives.
  • Creative collaborations: Agencies, studios, or individuals working together on projects can benefit from its clear branding.
  • Personal partnerships: Couples, families, or even social partnerships like charities or non-profit organizations can leverage it for their online space.


  • Clarity and relevance: It instantly communicates the collaborative nature of the website, making it instantly recognizable and relevant to the target audience.
  • Branding potential: With a specific niche, .partners offers an opportunity to build a strong brand identity around collaboration and teamwork.
  • Availability: As a newer TLD, chances of finding unique and memorable domain names are higher compared to established extensions like .com.
  • SEO potential: While domain extensions themselves don’t directly impact search engine ranking, a relevant TLD like .partners can attract focused traffic interested in partnerships.


  • SmithAndJones.partners: For a business partnership between Smith and Jones.
  • CreativeDuo.partners: For a design agency collaboration.
  • OurFamily.partners: For a website dedicated to a family unit.
  • GreenInitiatives.partners: For a website about an environmental partnership.

Overall, the .partners domain extension is a great choice for anyone involved in collaboration and wants a website that clearly reflects that partnership spirit. It’s particularly beneficial for businesses, creative teams, and personal ventures focusing on joint efforts.