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To register a .org.nz domain, your organization must meet specific eligibility criteria set by the Domain Name Commission (DNC) of New Zealand.
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What it means:

  • .org: This part signifies your association with a non-profit organization, charity, or other mission-driven entity.
  • .nz: This stands for New Zealand, pinpointing your organization’s local focus and connection to the Kiwi community.

Who can use it:

  • Registered non-profit organizations and charities based in New Zealand
  • Unincorporated non-profit and charitable organizations operating in New Zealand
  • Educational institutions and research organizations in New Zealand
  • International organizations with a strong focus on New Zealand

Benefits of using a .org.nz domain:

  • Credibility and trust: A .org.nz domain instantly conveys your organization’s legitimacy and dedication to its cause within the New Zealand context.
  • Local recognition: Kiwis readily recognize .org.nz domains, potentially giving you an edge over generic .org or .nz extensions when targeting the local community.
  • Targeted funding and support: Some funding opportunities and grants in New Zealand might be specifically available for organizations with a .org.nz domain.
  • Community association: Being part of the .org.nz community connects you with other non-profit and charitable organizations in New Zealand, fostering potential collaborations and partnerships.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Eligibility requirements: To register a .org.nz domain, your organization must meet specific eligibility criteria set by the Domain Name Commission (DNC) of New Zealand. This typically involves providing proof of your non-profit status and New Zealand presence.
  • Costs: Registration and renewal fees for .org.nz domains may be slightly higher compared to generic extensions.
  • Limited availability: Due to its targeted nature, .org.nz domains might have limited availability for certain keywords or names.

Overall, a .org.nz domain is a valuable asset for non-profit organizations and charities with a strong connection to New Zealand. It builds trust, fosters local recognition, connects you with a vital community, and potentially opens doors to valuable resources.

Here are some additional points to consider:

  • A .org.nz domain can help you stand out from other non-profit organizations online, especially when competing for donations or volunteers.
  • Using a .org.nz domain can show your commitment to New Zealand and its communities, which can be appealing to potential donors and supporters.
  • If you are working on a project or initiative that is specifically focused on New Zealand, a .org.nz domain can help you reach your target audience more effectively.