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The .melbourne domain extension is a geo-targeted top-level domain (TLD) specifically dedicated to businesses, organizations, and individuals based in Melbourne, Australia. Launched in 2014, it aims to create a distinct online space for those connected to the vibrant city, fostering local identity and promoting online visibility.
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  • Description

Who benefits from using .melbourne:

  • Local businesses: Restaurants, cafes, shops, service providers, etc. can showcase their offerings and attract clientele within Melbourne.
  • Community organizations: Non-profit organizations, schools, clubs, etc. can strengthen their community ties and reach a local audience.
  • Individuals: Melbourne residents, bloggers, artists, or professionals can build their online presence and brand with a local touch.
  • City-related initiatives: Websites promoting tourism, events, or city information can leverage the specific .melbourne identity.

Benefits of using .melbourne:

  • Clarity and relevance: Instantly tells visitors the website is connected to Melbourne, attracting a targeted audience.
  • Branding: Creates a unique and memorable brand identity associated with Melbourne’s vibrant atmosphere.
  • Local SEO: Can potentially improve search engine ranking within Melbourne-based searches.
  • Community connection: Signals affiliation with the local community and strengthens regional ties.


While gaining popularity, there are still many creative and desirable .melbourne domain names available. However, popular business names or city keywords might already be taken.

Examples of how .melbourne domains can be used:

  • Restaurant: “citybites.melbourne” for a trendy downtown restaurant, “littleitaly.melbourne” for an Italian restaurant.
  • Community organization: “melbournevolunteers.melbourne” for a volunteer organization platform, “cityartscollective.melbourne” for an art collective website.
  • Individual: “johndoe.melbourne” for a local freelancer’s website, “melbourneadventures.melbourne” for a blog about exploring Melbourne.
  • City initiative: “melbourneeats.melbourne” for a city food guide, “melbournefestivals.melbourne” for a website listing local events.

Overall, the .melbourne domain extension offers a valuable platform for any entity or individual with ties to Melbourne to establish a distinct, relevant, and easily discoverable online presence. It enhances visibility, strengthens local connections, and promotes the unique spirit of the city.