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AUD $64.00
The .maison domain name is a top-level domain (TLD) specifically targeted towards the house and home industry. Launched in 2014, it provides a dedicated online space for businesses and individuals involved in all aspects of houses and homes, from design and construction to real estate and interior design.
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  • Description

Focus: Open to anyone related to the house and home industry, including:

    • Businesses: Real estate agents, builders, architects, interior designers, furniture stores, etc.
    • Individuals: Homeowners, bloggers, DIY enthusiasts, etc.
  • Benefits:
    • Clarity and relevance: Makes it clear what the website is about, enhancing online presence.
    • Branding: Creates a unique and memorable brand identity associated with houses and homes.
    • SEO: Can potentially improve search engine ranking within the house and home niche.
    • Community connection: Signals affiliation with a specific industry and its online network.
  • Availability: There’s still a good selection of .maison domain names available, but popular choices might be already taken.

Here are some examples of how the .maison domain can be used:

  • Real estate agent: “dreamhomes.maison” for a real estate agent specializing in luxury homes, “cityliving.maison” for an agent focusing on urban apartments.
  • Builder: “ecomaison.maison” for a builder specializing in sustainable houses, “modernmaison.maison” for a builder focused on contemporary designs.
  • Interior designer: “cozymaison.maison” for an interior designer creating cozy spaces, “minimalistmaison.maison” for a designer specializing in minimalism.
  • Homeowner blog: “myrenovationmaison.maison” for a blog documenting a home renovation, “diymaison.maison” for a blog sharing DIY home improvement tips.

Overall, the .maison domain extension offers a valuable option for anyone in the house and home industry to establish a distinct, relevant, and easily discoverable online presence. It promotes visibility, builds brand identity, and fosters a sense of community within the house and home world.