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The .life domain name extension is a generic top-level domain (TLD) launched in 2014 by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). It has become a popular choice for various businesses and individuals due to its broad versatility and positive connotations.
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  • Description

Focus: Open to anyone, but commonly used by:

  • Wellness and health: Fitness coaches, nutritionists, health bloggers, medical practices, etc.
  • Lifestyle: Personal development coaches, travel bloggers, fashion influencers, hobbyists, etc.
  • Creativity and passion: Artists, musicians, writers, photographers, brands focusing on self-expression, etc.
  • Businesses with “life” in their name: Can use the matching .life domain without additional words.


  • Relevance and clarity: Instantly conveys the website’s theme, making it easy for visitors to understand its purpose.
  • Memorable branding: Creates a unique and positive brand identity associated with vitality and well-being.
  • SEO: Can potentially improve search engine ranking within relevant niches.
  • Open registry: No specific requirements for registration, providing greater freedom in name selection.

Availability: Due to its popularity, some popular .life domain names might already be taken, but many creative options remain available.

Examples of how .life domains can be used:

  • Wellness: “healthyliving.life” for a health coaching website, “yogasecrets.life” for a yoga studio’s website.
  • Lifestyle: “wanderlustlife.life” for a travel blog, “creativespark.life” for a website for artists and makers.
  • Passion: “musicianlife.life” for a musician’s website, “foodielife.life” for a food and cooking blog.
  • Brand matching: “bloominglifeflorals.life” for a flower shop named Blooming Life Florals.

Overall, the .life domain extension offers a versatile and impactful option for anyone looking to establish a positive and memorable online presence. Whether you’re focusing on health, personal growth, creativity, or anything else related to a fulfilling life, a .life domain can help you communicate your message effectively and attract the right audience.