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AUD $30.00
the .GEN.NZ domain name offers a unique and compelling option for those seeking to showcase their innovative spirit and connection to New Zealand. It’s a powerful tool for those who want to make a statement and stand out in the digital landscape.
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  • Description

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the .GEN.NZ domain name, incorporating visual elements:

Meaning and Purpose:

  • Designed to foster innovation and creativity in New Zealand.
  • Ideal for individuals, organizations, and businesses:
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Startups
    • Artists
    • Innovators
    • Tech companies
    • Nonprofits
    • Anyone with a fresh idea or project

Key Advantages:

  • Distinctive and memorable: Stands out in the crowded .NZ domain space.
  • Signals innovation and creativity: Immediately conveys a sense of forward-thinking.
  • Strong connection to New Zealand: Reinforces a local presence and identity.
  • Relatively new and available: Offers more opportunities to secure desired names.

Image of a person brainstorming ideas under a lightbulb with a .GEN.NZ sign in the background

Registration and Use:

  • Available through accredited registrars: Domains can be purchased and managed through various providers.
  • No restrictions on content or use: Can be used for a wide range of websites and online projects.

Example Uses:

  • Startup incubators: mystartupideas.gen.nz
  • Creative agencies: designlab.gen.nz
  • Tech blogs: technews.gen.nz
  • Artist portfolios: artbyjane.gen.nz
  • Community projects: saveourriver.gen.nz

Image of a website with a .GEN.NZ domain name showcasing a tech startup’s innovative product


  • Relatively new extension: May not be as familiar to some users as .CO.NZ or .ORG.NZ.
  • Potential for increased value: Early adopters could benefit from its future popularity.