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Ah, the .football domain! This one can get a bit tricky because there are actually two possibilities, depending on how you define “football”
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1. American Football & NRL:

  • Unfortunately, due to the ongoing legal challenges between the National Football League (NFL) and ICANN (the organization that oversees domain names) concerning the use of “.football”, the use of this domain extension isn’t officially supported by any major football organization, including the NRL in Australia. While the issue is still under discussion, you can register a domain with .usfootball, which serves a similar purpose for the american football.

2. Soccer:

  • For “football” meaning soccer, the .football domain name does exist! Launched in 2014, it’s specifically designed for websites related to the beautiful game. Think of it as a virtual stadium where fans, players, clubs, and anyone passionate about soccer can connect and celebrate their love for the sport.

Here’s a breakdown of the .football domain (specifically for soccer):

Who can benefit from a .football domain:

  • Football clubs and organizations: Official websites showcasing news, schedules, player profiles, and merchandise.
  • Media outlets and blogs: Platforms covering football news, analysis, and opinion pieces.
  • Fan communities and forums: Websites for fans to connect, discuss matches, and share their passion for the sport.
  • Football academies and coaches: Platforms offering training programs, resources, and coaching services.
  • E-commerce stores: Websites selling football merchandise, equipment, and fan gear.

Advantages of using .football:

  • Instant clarity: Tells visitors your website is all about football, no room for confusion.
  • Memorable and unique: Stands out from the crowd with its relevant and catchy extension.
  • Credibility and trust: Signals expertise and dedication within the football world.
  • SEO potential: May help you rank higher in searches related to football.
  • Community building: Creates a strong connection with fellow football fans and stakeholders.

Things to consider before stepping onto the pitch:

  • Limited scope: Not suitable for websites unrelated to football.
  • Competition: Popular football leagues or teams might have saturated .football domains, requiring creativity.
  • Brand image: While energetic and passionate, it might not be ideal for businesses seeking a more formal or corporate tone.

Overall, the .football domain (for soccer) is a valuable tool for anyone whose life revolves around the beautiful game. It provides a dedicated platform to showcase your passion, connect with fellow fans, and build a thriving online community.

Examples of how the .football domain can be used:

  • PremierLeague.football: Official website of the English Premier League.
  • MessiMagic.football: A website dedicated to Lionel Messi’s football career and achievements.
  • GrassrootsGoals.football: A platform supporting and promoting grassroots football development.
  • TikiTakaTactics.football: A website offering football coaching tips and tactical analysis.
  • FanchantsUnited.football: A website for fans to share and learn football chants from around the world.

Remember, the choice of .football depends on your specific goals and target audience. Weigh its benefits and drawbacks against the overall image you want to project online. If you’re looking for a domain name that’s clear, memorable, and connects you with the global football community, then .football (for soccer) might just be the perfect goal for your online presence!