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AUD $49.00
Ah, the .dog domain extension! It’s a delightful and specific space for all things canine. Launched in 2015, it’s a generic top-level domain (gTLD) meant for anyone and everything related to our furry four-legged friends.
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  • Description


  • Branding and woof-factor: Instantly tells visitors your website is all about dogs, building brand recognition and attracting dog lovers.
  • Increased name availability: With fewer websites using .dog compared to broader extensions, you’re more likely to find the perfect domain name that matches your dog-focused business or venture.
  • Targeted audience: You’ll attract visitors primarily interested in dogs, improving the effectiveness of your website for marketing, e-commerce, or community building.
  • Fun and memorable: The playful nature of the .dog extension can make your website stand out and be easily remembered.

Who can use it?

  • Dog businesses and organizations:
    • Breeders and kennels
    • Dog training services
    • Dog walkers and pet sitters
    • Pet stores and suppliers
    • Dog rescue organizations
    • Veterinary clinics and animal hospitals
  • Individuals passionate about dogs:
    • Dog bloggers and social media influencers
    • Personal websites showcasing specific dog breeds or interests
    • Online communities for dog lovers and owners
    • Photographers and artists focused on canine subjects

Things to consider:

  • Niche extension: While perfect for anything dog-related, it might not be relevant to non-dog businesses.
  • Cost: Pricing may be similar to other gTLDs, potentially higher than popular extensions like .com.
  • Limited awareness: While gaining popularity, .dog is still not as widely recognized as traditional TLDs.

Overall, the .dog domain extension is a fantastic choice for anyone with a strong connection to the canine world. It offers clear branding, increased name availability, a targeted audience, and a playful touch, making it a powerful tool for building a successful online presence related to our beloved dogs.