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AUD $64.00
The .diamonds domain extension is a generic top-level domain (gTLD), specifically targeted towards the diamond industry. Launched in 2014, it aims to provide a more relevant and brand-specific online space for those involved in the diamond trade.
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  • Description


  • Targeted audience: Instantly communicates your website relates to diamonds, attracting potential customers specifically interested in them.
  • Branding and specialization: Shows expertise and dedication to the diamond industry, enhancing your brand image and credibility.
  • Increased name availability: Offers a wider pool of potential domain names due to being a niche TLD.
  • Improved SEO: Keywords like “diamonds” naturally integrated into your domain, potentially boosting search engine ranking.

Who should use it?:

  • Diamond retailers and wholesalers
  • Jewelry stores and designers focusing on diamonds
  • Diamond appraisers and gemologists
  • Diamond mining companies and diamond cutters/polishers
  • Online platforms selling or showcasing diamonds

Things to consider:

  • Niche market: While beneficial for diamonds, it might not be relevant to businesses outside the industry.
  • Cost: Pricing might be higher compared to more established TLDs.
  • Limited awareness: The .diamonds extension is still relatively new, and some potential customers might not be familiar with it.

Overall, the .diamonds domain extension is a valuable tool for businesses and individuals primarily involved in the diamond industry. It offers targeted branding, specialized audience reach, and potential SEO advantages, making it a strong choice for online presence and marketing within this niche.