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AUD $49.00
A dedicated top-level domain (TLD) specifically for websites and businesses related to healthcare, caregiving, and well-being.
Launched in 2014, it offers a clear and compassionate alternative to generic TLDs like .com within the health and wellness space.
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  • Description

Key benefits:

  • Instant empathy: Signals a focus on care, compassion, and support, fostering trust and reassurance for visitors.
  • Branding opportunities: Creates memorable and meaningful domain names that align with your values and mission, strengthening your brand identity.
  • Targeted reach: Connects you directly with a dedicated audience seeking health-related information, services, or support, enhancing visibility and engagement.
  • Potential SEO advantage: May offer a slight boost in search engine rankings for care-related keywords, improving visibility to relevant online searchers.
  • Global recognition: Recognized internationally, expanding your reach to audiences across borders.

Who should use a .CARE domain name:

  • Healthcare providers and organizations: Hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and healthcare professionals can reinforce their commitment to patient care and wellbeing.
  • Home care services and agencies: Highlight services for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those requiring assistance at home.
  • Mental health and wellness providers: Therapists, counselors, support groups, and mental health resources can create a safe and inviting online space.
  • Personal care and beauty businesses: Spas, salons, wellness centers, and self-care brands can emphasize their focus on personal wellbeing.
  • Childcare and eldercare providers: Daycares, preschools, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities can showcase their nurturing environments.
  • Pet care businesses: Veterinarians, pet groomers, animal shelters, and pet-related organizations can demonstrate their dedication to animal welfare.
  • Charities and nonprofits: Organizations focused on health, humanitarian aid, or social care can amplify their mission and impact.

Things to consider:

  • Brand consistency: Ensure the .CARE extension aligns with your overall brand image and messaging, maintaining a genuine and caring tone.
  • Target audience: If your audience extends beyond specific care-related niches, consider using it alongside a broader TLD like .com for wider visibility.
  • Legal regulations: Some regions may have regulations for online healthcare information or services, so ensure compliance if applicable.

Overall, a .CARE domain name can be a powerful tool for establishing a trustworthy and compassionate online presence within the health, wellness, and caregiving industries. It signals your commitment to providing quality care, fostering trust, and attracting those seeking support, guidance, or services. By embracing the .CARE extension, you can position yourself as a beacon of empathy and support in a digital world often in need of a little extra care.