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AUD $30.00
A generic top-level domain (gTLD) specifically designated for the Asia-Pacific region.
Launched in 2007 to create a distinct online identity for individuals, businesses, and organizations with a connection to Asia.
Open to anyone worldwide, but primarily intended for those with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region.
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  • Description

Who it’s for:

  • Businesses operating in Asia or targeting Asian markets
  • Individuals living in Asia or with Asian heritage
  • Organizations working on projects or initiatives related to Asia
  • Cultural and educational institutions with a focus on Asia
  • Non-profit organizations serving the Asian community
  • Government agencies in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Anyone who wants to establish a strong online presence in Asia

Benefits of using a .asia domain:

  • Regional targeting: Clearly signals your connection to Asia, making it easier for people in the region to find and identify you.
  • Brand recognition: Stands out from generic TLDs and creates a more memorable online identity, especially within the Asian context.
  • Potential SEO advantage: Search engines may give some preference to .asia domains for searches conducted within Asia or related to Asian topics.
  • Community association: Joins a global community of individuals and organizations with a shared interest in Asia, fostering potential collaborations and networking opportunities.
  • Cultural relevance: Demonstrates your commitment to the Asian region and its diverse cultures.


  • Cost: Registration and renewal fees may be slightly higher than for generic TLDs.
  • Availability: Some desirable names might already be taken, given the large and growing online presence in Asia.
  • Global reach: While it’s recognized globally, the .asia domain might have less impact outside of the Asia-Pacific region.

Should you use it?:

  • If you have a strong connection to Asia or target Asian markets, a .asia domain can be a powerful way to establish your brand, reach your target audience, and build credibility within the region.
  • It’s particularly well-suited for businesses, organizations, and individuals who want to emphasize their Asian identity and create a more culturally relevant online presence.
  • However, if your focus is primarily global or outside of Asia, a generic TLD might be a better fit.