Maintenance Plans

Tired of website woes leaving your online presence feeling like a tangled thicket? Worry not, fellow adventurer! Yowie Websites is here to help your digital oasis flourish with our suite of Maintenance Plans. From nurturing young saplings to safeguarding ancient redwoods, we have a plan for every stage of your website’s growth.

Seedling Sprout
Paid Yearly
Regular check-ups and light pruning to keep your website healthy and vibrant. Think of it as water and feed for your digital flora.
Regular Plugin and Theme Updates
Regular Security Checks
Regular tidy up – spam comments removed, database clean-up
Weekly Backups
Weekly security checks
Weekly Plugin and Theme Updates
Weekly tidy up – spam comments removed, database clean-up
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Evergreen Growth
Paid Yearly
Ongoing small content updates and strategic tweaks to ensure your website reaches its full potential. Picture sunlight filtering through the canopy, nourishing your digital forest.
Daily Plugin and Theme Updates
Daily Security Checks
Daily tidy up – spam comments removed and any other general tasks required.
Daily backups
Weekly Performance Checks
Broken Link Monitoring
Small edits to site e.g. images or text added etc.
Monthly Report to your email
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